Be an Ambassador

means to be recognized for my credibility & professionalism

I work since many years as photographer and journalist, telling stories from all over the world through many magazines.

For sure my professional skills are recognized, but to become Ambassador for a company it puts me at a different level. A Company that trusts me, improve my credibility to all my clients, either editorial, corporate and my students.


The best HDR software ever

I create my time-lapse with iStopMotion in a click

Carrying my gears safely is my major concern. After 83 countries, I believe I know which one is the best case!!

The Fastest Media Browser that helps to view, organize, manage and export digital photographs

The most efficient, rich, professional and useful

app for photographers

The easiest way to create a slideshow using your photos, videos, music and text. 

Camera & Monitor needs a sophisticate and loyal calibration.

My job is in Datacolor hands.

About photography, studying is equivalent than practicing. Read a good book about photography is the path to success   Mobile: +39-328-4230773

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