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Ivan Whitehall testimonial Morocco 2019.

Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2019

Georga and I have throroughlly enjoyed the 12 day we were privileged to spend with you. I will speak for myself and say  that although I have been doing photo-graphy in one form or another since I was a wee child (and that is a long long time ago) you have taught me to look and the scene and ask what is the story here. Ask myself whether I am as well positioned as is possible to take the image and tell the story , and not to be afraid to push the envelope if that is what is called for while remaining respectful of the environment and my subjects. Suffice to say that should the opportunity present itself we would take another trip with you. You are not only a great photographer but also a great person and teacher. I take the liberty of attaching an image from the trip, I hope it is to your liking.

Ivan Whitehall, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Steve Hill Morocco 2019 website.jpg

Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2019

In 2019, participated in a wonderful photo trip with Massimo in Morocco.  I learned a great deal from Massimo — he is an excellent teacher in that he was fully engaged with us, always giving helpful feedback and pushing us to learn and grow. My experience has been landscape photography and through this experience I was able to build photo-journalism skills. I selected this image because it is interesting, appealing and representative of Morocco and our trip. Several us found the window with the light from stained glass. Massimo first recruited a couple to pose in the opening. Then, using Italian, recruited the woman in this image who was enthusiastic about posing. Massimo was then giving photography instructions to the half-dozen of us in English while giving modeling instructions in Italian. He even improvised a light reflector to get more light on the subject. I like the image and have wonderful memories of making it.

Steve Hill, USA


Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2018

Traveling with Massimo was a wonderful experience. I learned an enormous amount in the two weeks I spent with him on the Morocco trip. Massimo was constantly there, offering suggestions, critiquing our photos, and showing us how to make them better. He was incredibly patient. Massimo taught me to spend more time thinking about what I wanted in a photo and getting the composition right. By the end of the trip, I had progressed from automatic settings to fully manual, and I was taking fewer but better photographs. I hope I will have the opportunity to travel with him again.

Shelley Payne, TX, USA


Street Photography Outdoor Workshop, Vancouver BC, September 2018

I really enjoyed the workshop and the time we spent together. Being fairly new at photography, I walked away with a wealth of knowledge and a deeper appreciation for the art form. There's still lots I need to learn and improve. Practice makes perfect, I hope! I will forever be guided by your thoughtful, sincere and passionate approach to photography. Finding a connection with your subject struck a core with me that day; it's uncomfortable taking pictures of strangers until they are strangers no more.

Arvin Dwarka, Mauritius Isl, Mauritius

Bill Rosmus Street Wks.JPG

Street Photography Workshop,

Vancouver BC, August 2018

Specifically, with respect to street photography, the workshop helped me with the process of photographing people. And this included discussion about who/what we as a photographer can shoot, and what we can do with what we shoot. Like many, I think, even while working to overcome it I was often nervous about asking to photograph strangers and/or getting close in to people. I could do it randomly depending on the day, but I wanted to get a feeling from someone who does this on a routine basis; especially with a chance to try it out. And in the walk about portion we had good opportunity to both see Massimo in action (unabashedly moving in VERY close to strangers to photograph) and to try it out with his and Myriam’s generous aid and ideas as needed. They were always close by to give advice and were generous with it. We had several impromptu photo shoots with different people in the Gastown district of Vancouver BC, and while most were random interesting strangers in the area, a few were regular locals whose known patience with us was really a good aid. It was fun and confidence building for me. I’m still somewhat nervous, but I think with this workshop I have gained the upper hand.

Bill Rosmus, BC, Canada

Gaye Leggat Granville Island double resi

Street Photography Workshop,

Vancouver BC, December 2017

I had the pleasure of spending a day in the company of Myriam and Massimo in Vancouver, BC, in a workshop they offered on street photography. They were both passionate about sharing their knowledge with the students present. The group was small and individual attention superb. The best part for me was the hands on directing of point of view and compositional guidance on the spot and to the point. Myriam and Massimo did not carry cameras themselves and focused 100 percent on giving all their energy to their students. They are talented, committed and accomplished photographers. It was such a pleasure meeting them experiencing their generosity and inspirational personalities. The learning environment was focused on the needs of the individuals wanting to improve their photographic approach. My description of them as teachers-giving, sincere, generous, knowledgeable, technically helpful, passionate about photography and focused on the needs of others.

Gaye Leggat, BC, Canada

shawn-8967A Signed.jpg

Street Photography Workshop, Vancouver BC, November 2017

Hi Massimo! Hi Myriam!

Thanks again for the workshop this weekend. I had a specific approach to street photography in my head, and you two took it in a different direction, with much more interest in sharing space and moments with your subjects. You both looked at my shots as I took them, giving suggestions to composition and approach, and kept us shooting, working with a subject until the "best" photo from that scene emerged naturally in front of us. Some of my better compositions ended up a bit soft, not quite focused on a person's face, yet another lesson in ensuring all the variables in the frame are captured the way you want before moving on.

Shawn Bauche, SK, Canada

John wayne and Tony at Gastown.jpg

Street Photography Workshop Vancouver, BC, July 2017

Thank you so much for a great day of street photography. I really enjoyed. This was my first venture into this type of photography so a steep learning curve for me. And I learned so much and it was so neat to see you both in your element.  You, Massimo and Myriam, are such pro’s at what you do and so comfortable with the scene. You are both so giving of your talents and I really appreciate all the feedback. You were very patient and very hands on, so I came away a lot more confident and understanding of the craft. It was great to watch you in action and feed off your energy. Really enjoyed the time and learned so much.

This may sound a bit silly but I did learn some life lessons from you both through observation. I too have built my career on one to one contact and creating relationships over the last 40 years. But as time passes, one can get lazy, and when I saw you with your enthusiasm in what you do, a regeneration of my desire to be more ”curious” as you say.  Thank you. 

Garry Lunn, BC, Canada

Girl in the bar.jpg

Street Photography Workshop Vancouver, BC, July 2017

Hi Massimo and Myriam,
Just a note to say how much I enjoyed the street photography workshop I did with you both on July 9th (I attended with my brother). I was so tired by the end of the day - which was good - I was pushed out of my comfort zone and worked hard to connect with the people I photo-graphed. I learned it is okay to ask so-meone for the photograph and I also learned to trust in their response and my instincts and stick with the person to take several shots. It was a great day.

Christine, BC, Canada

Braman Africa 2017-1A.jpg

Tanzania Photo Safari, March 2017

I was so lucky to spend time in Tanzania with Massimo. I had been there before, and went back to get better pictures, which is exactly what happened. My time with Massimo was filled with advice, guidance, and just as important, lots of fun. On this trip, he taught me how to “live” in Manual mode and “expose for the highlights.” I learned more from Massimo in 9 days than I can convey. I came home with good pictures and a better sense of my camera and how to use it. I look forward a future trip with him.

Mary Braman, MD, USA

Cuban Girl.jpg

Cuba and Its People:

A Photographic Exploration

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

Massimo inspires the melding of humanity and technique, at times with humor and irony. "Use the light-Use the dark". Thanks again for your teaching, support, knowledge and charm. The trip was magnificent and you were an important part of it.

Aaron Cohen, NY, USA


Visual Storytelling Photography Workshop, Vancouver BC,

August 2016

I took the the three day photography work shop, “Visual Storytelling” with Myriam Casper and Massimo Bassano.
I really enjoyed the work shop! A fantastic opportunity to learn from great photographers.
What I love the most about the work shop was that I got full attention from the coaches, you get tips and feedback while you are on the shooting and also after.
The most valuable lesson I got from the workshop was to always plan what your story is going to be about, so when you are taking the pictures you know what your focus is.
Never be afraid to talk to the people you are photographing, and do some research before your shoot. Your pictures will be more interesting and you will built a connection with your subject.
I loved the workshop.
Photography is more than getting pretty pictures. Is about capturing a picture that tells a story, you can play with perspective and techniques along the way.

Daniella Olea, Mexico City, Mexico

Serengeti view.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

Massimo, You were practical in suggesting techniques but more importantly you were a fantastic catalyst in us opening our own eyes to people and things around us. You taught us a valuable insight: Yes, the shutter, lens, sensor capture an image, but only what we point to and consciously frame. Camera has no eyes, only we do. It was a delight to learn from you and enjoy your unique style.

Sunil Kumar, NJ, USA

Indian Girl.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

Every wannabe photographer dreams of having a Nat Geo photographer by their side on a trip. I had the pleasure of traveling around the world on a National Geographic expedition with Massimo as our resident photographer. Massimo is superb photojournalist, deep ocean sailor, olive oil producer and stellar raconteur. Massimo was always available to answer questions and to provide tips relevant to our destinations and added immeasurably to the quality of photography of all of our expedition participants. He is familiar, it seems, with every camera conceivable and was helpful whether on shoots, on the plane or when approached while he was eating a meal. I highly recommend any opportunity that photography “wannabes” have to work with and learn from Massimo and to have a great time while doing so.

Grant Callery, MD, USA

Lhasa TibetA.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

Such a wonderful trip, with so many memories. As Grant so aptly expressed, it will take months to process and recall all the nuances...

Loved getting to know you. Thank you so much for your help with my new camera...really should have learned about it, before I left.

Cheryl Peterson, CO, USA

Mosque Hassan II Casablanca.jpg

Morocco Photography Expedition

November 2013

When I had a question and could find the time when you were not helping others, you were helpful and answered my question. Part of this is about me personally. I found that you were almost always busy looking at others photos and answering their questions, and I didn't want to impose on their time with you. Once someone had your attention, you seemed to stay engaged and encouraging. I never seemed to be able to get that same, uninterrupted attention. Therefore, I can't say that I learned a lot from you on the trip. The one thing I did learn and continue to practice is the idea of not using so much sky in landscape photography. Thanks for the evening seminars. They, too, were helpful. I guess I missed the personal attention that others seemed to get. With lots of gratitude and respect.

Tom Pattee, OR, USA

Daniel Schwartz website pic resized.jpg

Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2019

I have been taking photographs, all over the world, for 50 years.  I never had a class or a teacher before the trip to Morocco with Massimo. Over a two week trip, he taught me a great deal: how to not just look through the viewfinder but think what the audience will see when the picture is developed; how to keep trying for the best picture possible, not just one that is acceptable; how to make sure not to leave in incomplete limbs, faces, and clothing; how to make a pic-ture interesting and alive.  I thought I had evolved into a pretty good photographer — Massimo showed me what I didn’t know and how to improve my work.  Beyond that, Massimo is a delightful, engaging, thoughtful and charming travel companion — even if you don’t take a lot of pictures, he will become a friend and someone you (like I) would want to find an opportunity to travel with again.

Dan Schwartz, Washington, DC, USA

Bruce Blackie Morocco 2019.jpg

Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2019

"Massimo doesn't do photography, he is photography".

Bruce Blackie, San Francisco, CA, USA


Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2018

I recently returned from a photograph tour of Morocco with Massimo. Up until that point I basically took all of my photographs on a automatic setting but Massimo convinced me to start using the camera’s manual settings and rely more on spot metering with spectacular results. Additionally he taught those interested how to shoot nighttime shots. In addition to the technical skills I learned his advice on composure alone was worth the week or so we spent together. But the most valuable lesson he taught all of us was how by being respectful of your subjects you could get them to agree to be subjects of your photographs. He is a master at engaging people not only his students but his photograph subjects. He always found time to provide individual feedback in a non threatening constructive manner. My pictures will always be better as a result and hope to have the opportunity to travel with him again

Martin Cammer, NY, USA


HDR Photography Outdoor Workshop, Vancouver BC, August 2018

In both the Street photography and HDR workshops I learned some new ideas about composition, and was reminded of a few more that perhaps I knew but had grown lazy about: how to view the frame and the subject matter, what not to leave out or leave in, and much more. It is good to have others, especially well qualified others, provide this now and then. This alone is worth the price. They provided many good examples in their visual presentations/lectures, and as well, provided review or new ideas (as the case may be) on ways to use the camera and the technology specific to the format (street or HDR). In both the street photography session and HDR, they helped to remind and teach us about good practices when composing, both for people and with still/landscape shots. This is an element that again is highly worthwhile.

Bill Rosmus, BC, Canada

Bruce Green.jpg

Travel Photography Storytelling Workshop, Vancouver BC, August 2018

What a wonderful experience to spend 3 days in Vancouver with both of you learning so much about Travel Photo-graphy Storytelling in the workshop you provided.  I was really in a rut trying to learn the intricacies of my mirrorless camera and to capture pictures that were rewarding to me and to inspire me to be a better photographer.  The group was small so that I feel that both of you were able to spend the time with each of the students helping us with the technical aspects of each of our cameras but more importantly teaching us to “ tell the story.”

I can see why you are such wonderful photographers in the way you relate to people who often become the subjects of your amazing photographs.  We spent three days walking the streets of Vancouver at various venues including a Japanese festival, Gastown, Granville Market and a Cosplayer festival.  I think to me the highlights of the course were the daily sessions in the classroom whe-re you gave us magnificent power point presentations  and then critiqued our individual photos.  The group was inte-ractive helping each other and staying together even for dinner when the day ended.  The take home message was  to keep taking pictures wherever you are.
I look forward to spending more time together.

Bruce Green, GE, USA

Garry Lunn Travel Photography Wks.JPG

Travel Photography Workshop,

Vancouver BC, January 2018

I had the pleasure of taking another course from Myriam and Massimo recently.  The Travel Photography course was very in depth with didactic,  hand on street photography and critiques.  It totally changed how I will approach telling my story on travel through photography, from the pre research, on site tips, shot list, how to make it better , composition, light etc.  They both have an uncanny talent for seeing the shot before you take it and a strong passion to help you to understand the craft.  They have very strong skills to get in right in camera, vs extended post production. They most certainly see with a professional eye. Super course.

Garry Lunn, BC, Canada

Bill Green Street wks signed.jpg

Street Photography Workshop, Vancouver BC, December 2017

I lead a street photography group on the west coast, and I'm always teaching; always learning.
I count myself one of the fortunate ones. Massimo Bassano and Myriam Casper gave me the new kick that I needed. Massimo considers himself to be a people photographer, and his humanistic side came through. I enjoyed his humour; I enjoyed his willingness to share. Myriam conveyed a connection to her subjects; the desire to know more about the subject.
Both showed that it's one thing to take a photo; it's another to be creative about it.

It was a great experience. Thank you both.

Bill Green, BC, Canada

Micheal Street Photo Walk Nov 2017signed

Street Photography Workshop, Vancouver BC, November 2017

I liked the format of this course. The lecture material was direct and included a lot of examples. Massimo and Myriam were open to questions and discussion as we went through the material. The practical part of the course was fantastic. We sent our time in the neighborhood and Massimo and Myriam know people who were open to us coming in and taking photos. I especially enjoyed how they would teach me and offer suggestions as I took photos. The are great company and the whole day was fun, friendly and full of learning.

Michael A. Shevloff, BC, Canada

Ian Felton Signed.jpg

Galápagos Photo Expedition,

April 2017

I remember Massimo as bringing a passionate, bright energy to the moment.
He doesn't bother to hide the joy in his eyes whether in the field, or socializing after the work is done. Concerning the craft of photography, Massimo has the depth of experience required to see his surroundings and the flow of time creatively, as well as the ability to correct the smallest of technical issues.

Ian Felton, MN, USA


Cuba and Its People:

A Photographic Exploration

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

I came to Cuba afraid to photograph people but desperate to learn. Massimo brought such passion, engagement and warmth to his interactions with the lovely people of Havana and he encouraged us daily to do the same. He taught me to photograph people not as a tourist but as a photographer. He got me more comfortable shooting manually and to make constant creative decisions as we followed the light in a rapidly changing environment. He was continually checking in with us all, looking to see what we were doing and more importantly challenging us to explain ‘why’ we were doing it. ‘Stop shooting people from behind!’, ‘ Get closer!’, ‘You need a faster shutter speed!’, “Why do you hold your camera like that?’ were daily refrains and with Massimo’s help, I gained the confidence to get closer and closer to my subjects until I had the courage to ask them kindly to for a photo and to show them my pictures when I was done. Massimo taught me that a smile and some strong technical skills go a long way in improving my photography. My pictures from this trip are my favorite and I will never forget this week in Cuba with Massimo. I look forward to another workshop with him again.

Ruth Epstein, IL, USA

Money in Nepal.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet,

Expedition, Oct-Nov 2016

Besides his contagious enthusiasm for capturing fabulous images, Massimo is always ready to help his fellow travelers to improve their photographic results. One pearl of wisdom that I captured from him on a recent trip was: “When you see a subject that you think would make a good picture, stop and look deeper – what else do you see? Is there something else that, if included, would make the photo better?” I have already seen the benefits of being this attentive when I look through the viewfinder. Thanks, Massimo!

Dan Mulheran, FL, USA

Massimo praying dromedaries.jpg

Morocco Photo Adventure, Oct 2015

National Geographic photographer Massimo Bassano is the best photographic guide I’ve experienced on any of my several National Geographic photographic expeditions. When we first met, I asked him about the equipment he was using. He said he only “brought a small camera because I am here for you guys!” Massimo is extremely knowledgeable about photography and is an excellent teacher for his students of all skill levels from novice to expert. In this role, he would freely exchange thoughts about photographic theory and practical shooting ideas. He has an eye for light, subject, and composition and was always ready to make helpful suggestions. In addition to his skill in photography, teaching and as a guide, Massimo is relaxed and great fun to be around. He has a genuine warmth and concern about him that also made our trip very comfortable from start to finish. I would absolutely travel with him again.

This photo taken at sunrise in the Sahara Desert, Morocco. Photographer Massimo attempts to implore our dromedaries to move forward for our day's journey. They did not appear they were listening!

Douglas Munch, NJ, USA

Hippos at Serengeti.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

What a treat to have met and interacted with Massimo. During our trip with, National Geographic Around the World, Massimo taught us to be on the level our subject, how to properly frame our photos, and most importantly how to be patient and wait for the best lighting or emotion of the scene or subject. As we were going through our photos, both Debbie and I were saying "no that is not a photo Massimo would approve." Indirectly he taught us how to be more critical of photographs.

Debbie & David Rothberg, FL, USA

Fia Fia dance Samoa.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

Hi Massimo, thank you for your eager willingness to teach me more about how to use the camera in my Samsung cellphone. I never realized that by simply touching the circle on the image that it would become so clear! And I'll always remember your suggestion not center the primary image, but to create interest by putting it a bit 'off-center'. You are a natural born teacher, as well as a magnificent photographer. You make 'picture taking' a joy...thank you for sharing your gifts.

Sue Miller, NY, USA

Erg Chebbi Morocco.jpg

Morocco Photo Adventure,

October 2015

The most important thing that I learned from you, among other things, is to fill each frame with only what you want in your image. Do not include other things that you will assume that you will crop out. This has made a huge improvement in my photography. I rarely crop images anymore.

Bill Claybrook, MA, USA

Emmett Winn.JPG

Cuba: Discovering Its People and Culture, February 2014

Massimo is an inspiring teacher and colleague. He genuinely cares about his students and goes to great lengths to help each improve their photography. He is not only accessible but seeks you out to ensure that you are receiving the time and attention that you need to develop your craft.

Regardless of your skill level, Massimo’s tutoring will enhance your understanding of photography as an art form and help you refine your own style.

Moreover, he is an inspiring colleague. Many mornings in Cuba, he would rally a small group of us to us to go out before breakfast to focus on our craft. These hours were invaluable to me as I was able to see the world as a professional photographer and to engage my subjects with the confidence of a seasoned documentarian.

“Thank you, Massimo. I can’t wait for the next adventure!”

Emmett Winn, AL, USA

Terry Rogers website pic.jpg

Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2019

My wife Karin and I were fortunate to be part of the Nat Geo trip to Morocco in Sept/Oct of 2019. In addition to a wonderful trip leader and guide, we were blessed to be under the wing of photographer Massimo Bassano.

It was a treat. Massimo’s style is one of gentle guidance and persuasion, showing genuine interest in how and why you choose to shoot a particular image, and thus being in a position to make your image better in a way 

that enhanced your vision, not his. It is a tricky and sometimes challenging approach but is very satisfying from a student’s perspective. He is enthusiastic, supportive and always present, and truly wants you to see the world in an 

expanded and and more rewarding way. We both loved the trip in so many ways and we were fortunate indeed to have had this experience with Massimo.

Terry Rogers, Seattle, WA, USA


Morocco Photography Expedition

Casablanca to Fez - Sept-Oct 2018

It really says a lot that about half of our group were returning for another trip with Massimo. This was my second trip with him and I don’t doubt that someday there will be a third. The photos I took on my trip to Morocco are among my best and most favorite ever and I really hope I can put all I learned from him into practice. I truly wish to grow as a photographer and Massimo really pushed me to think faster and work more intuitively. Massimo was very patient with all of us, meeting us at our individual photographic level and pushing us to improve all aspects of our photography. I highly recommend Massimo to lead you to fantastic photography spots and also as a delightful travel companion. His passion and excitement for the people and places of Morocco was highly infectious and truly made our trip special.

Ruth Epstein, IL, USA


Italy Photography Expedition

Venice to Rome, Italy, September 2018

How much better does it get? Spending time in Italy with Massimo Bassano! The man lives, breathes and photographs this country. I learned so much about the cities we visited, and I built on all the strengths and habits I got from Massimo on a previous trip. We covered an amazing amount of territory and the days were long, but Massimo was always there with hints and different perspectives. Italy is a fabulous place and Massimo made it so special (just don’t ever forget your hotel key – he won’t let you live it down!).

Mary Braman, MD, USA

Isa Szeto.JPG

Street Photography Workshop,

Vancouver BC, August 2018

If you get an opportunity to go shooting with a National Geographic photogra-pher, you leap at it --- that's why I did! I was fortunate enough to spend 6 hours with Massimo Bassano and Myriam Casper and be completely immersed in photography: listening to them breakdown how they set up their stunning shots in their Powerpoint presentation, hearing their passion to photograph people from around the world in their element, and then go hit the streets of Vancouver alongside with them. I consider myself "rusty" at photography but after the workshop, I felt completely invigorated to shoot again. They pushed us well out of our comfort zone in photographing strangers on the street. What a rush! Once you meet Massimo and Myriam, you realize how gifted they are, with people, with their technical skills and composition in visualization. Watching how they both instantly connect with people on the street is amazing. Thank you, Massimo and Myriam, for being so kind, generous with your time and sharing your love of photography and people!

Isa Szeto, BC, Canada


Travel Photography Storytelling Workshop,

Vancouver BC, August 2018

Massimo and Myriam provide wonderful experiences for all involved in their workshops and educational programs. Fostering an accepting, educational environment, the dynamic duo ensure that all students leave with new information, helpful tips, wonderful photographs, and an amazing hands-on experience. Their presence in field assignments is well known with their ‘learn by doing’ approach to improvement, and their feedback is easily understandable and applicable. Their passion for photography and documentary storytelling is clearly transmitted, and makes it clear that they love what they’re doing, and what to share their passion with you. Massimo and Myriam give detailed feedback, tips for photography at home, and incredible insight into the amazing art of photography.

Apart from being exceptional photo-graphers and teachers, Massimo and Myriam are wonderful people, eager to learn more about their students and what else they enjoy. Their affectionate, loving personalities create a very comfortable learning environment for all involved, and establish a mutual sense of belonging, regardless of individual background. Massimo and Myriam are excellent at what they do in the field and in the classroom, and they are some of the most loving, welcoming people I know, always open to new experiences and people.

Anna Schwerdfeger, CA, USA

David 2.JPG

Travel Photography Storytelling Workshop, Vancouver BC, August 2018

In an effort to become a better photographer I have read, watched videos, attended courses and lectures and of course shot thousands of photos. I have never benefitted so much than by spending one on one time with a couple of real professionals. I have learned more about photography in a few days at a workshop with Massimo and Myriam then in years of self directed education. Besides being great people, they have years of experience and wisdom that they freely and effectively provide. This was time well spent.

David Bruce Lorber, AZ, USA

Double Markos.jpg

Street Photography Workshop, Vancouver BC, December 2017

Hey Massimo & Myriam!
I learned subtle, many valuable things about photography. From Myriam I got a lot of value about the importance of interacting and connecting with subjects, especially by observing the quality of her work during the lecture. From Massimo I learned very subtle things, especially by observing him during the field. I’ve never seen such a wise approach in photography before, truly honoring the reputation of being a Nat Geo photographer. This was very inspiring for me as I want to become one myself.
Oh and beyond photography, I’d like to thank Massimo for enduring my questions about Nat Geo, without showing any signs of annoyance. Perhaps this was the most valuable lesson. He seemed genuinely helpful in all aspects.

Markos Tetradis, Athens, Greece

Granville Market.jpg

Travel Storytelling Photography Workshop Vancouver, BC

July 2017

Spending 4 days learning about photography with Massimo Bassano and Myriam Casper was the opportunity of a lifetime. I particular enjoyed that both of them pushed me to create my best work in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

As storytellers their approach to photography is very people focused which means getting involved with my subjects so I can learn the story my photographs will tell. From now on I will be watching the edges and getting closer with much less time spent post processing. Their humor and warmth ensured this was a really positive experience. I will be practicing what I learned from them for many years to come.

Betty Johnston, BC, Canada

Base de pesca Cojimar.jpg

Cuba and Its People:

A Photographic Exploration

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

Massimo is one of the reasons why I took this photographic tour. He was available to me on a one-to-one basis throughout the trip. He wanted to see what I was photographing ("Get closer!"), to see what settings I was using ("No auto ISO!"), and help me get my exposures right ("Expose for medium tones!"). He taught me better photo-graphy technique and stretched my capabilities, and I'm very happy with my pictures! Thank you Massimo!

Vivian Nagy, CA, USA

Marielle Epstein Cuba.JPG

Cuba and its People:

A Photographic Exploration

Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

Massimo's guidance on our trip to Cuba transformed my experience. His knowledge of Cuba is immense, his energy was infectious, and he was wonderful at helping me hone my technical skills as a photographer. Again and again Massimo went above and beyond to make our travel experiences especially meaningful by sharing his love and knowledge of Havana, and of course, by helping us get the perfect shot.

Marielle Epstein NY, USA

morocco Dan De Guia.jpg

Morocco Photography Expedition, Oct 2016

People photography is my main interest. Morocco is the most challenging and intimidating place to take peoples picture. Spending a day with Massimo was a game changer! He was able to charm, disarm and engage almost everybody with his easy going style, language skills and utmost respect knowledge of their culture. The moment he reached for his camera and take pictures he became part of the scene, invisible and not for one moment invading their world. I can go endlessly, however, a video of Massimo in action will be invaluable to future travelers. He was very approachable and generous in sharing his skills. His critique both positive and especially negative were there to inspire you to become better photographer. To me there is no better way to learn about a culture than through the eyes and skills of Nat Geo photographer.

Dan De Guia, FL, USA

Lion in Ngorongoro.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

Hi Massimo, I truly enjoyed having access to you during the trip.

One of the things you helped me to understand is that accepting the manufacturer’s everything automatic setting compromises your pictures. Some of my pictures have a richer quality because you suggested that for most situations we should not use an ASA setting over 200. 

Massimo you have two wonderful qualities as a trip photographer. First your knowledge of photograph as a National Geographic photographer is obviously world class but the second quality I observed impressed me more. You are a good teacher. Your ability to help and teach people that lack, sometimes, even a basic knowledge of photography is a special quality that I am sure most professionals lack. As I watched you go over with people the features of phone cameras or simple point and shoot camera’s there was no boredom or condescension. You are genuinely enthusiastic about helping them to get great memories of their trip. Your approachable attitude and comfortable willingness to help us get better pictures made our trip more special.

Ron Kanoski, IL, USA

Taj Mahal.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

I learned from you how to be patient when trying to get a memorable photograph. To wait and frame the shot and then execute. I also learned that one must take many photographs to get the one they think is best. I have become a better photographer because of your help. It was also a lot fun waking up at 5 am to be at the Taj Mahal at 6 am to get the best light.

Kevin Wolf, NY, USA

Machu Picchu.jpg

Around the World by Private Jet, Oct-Nov 2016

It was fun being tutored by you and very helpful.
This was indeed the trip of a life for me and I wanted to capture so much in photos.

Your knowledge, respect of each place, ability to teach me how to look at something a little differently to capture just the right moment, was so appreciated!
And you just were so much fun and approachable which made this trip very enjoyable!

Peggy A. Hood, MD, USA

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Morocco Photo Adventure,

October 2015

Meeting Massimo enriched my life in many levels.

Your teachings on attention to details, patience, persistence still echoes in my mind.
Your feedback was incredibly honest, sometimes hard to take but it helped a lot, so much we learn with the mistakes.

Your lessons were interesting, fun, educational, and always leaving desire to the next.
Your approach to people when photographing them is one of the many things I try to remember and do myself. You put people at ease, and they automatically open up for you. You have much respect to what you photograph and that is a very valued lesson many should learn before composition, exposure, anything else.

Myriam Casper, BC, Canada

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