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I never thought

to become a photographer!

It was not in my plan even if, since I was child, I used my dad's camera, an old Voigtländer. A roll a year. B/W was cheaper.

When I left my "quite" successful career to be a photojournalist, my parents were not happy at all. Through their eyes I looked really stupid, a dreamer. But, sincerely, I am a dreamer. I was born as dreamer.

But after my experience as "fixer" for a National Geographic photographer, producing a story about Christo-pher Columbus, I fell in love with the way of work for Nat Geo, the scientific, educational and rigorous approach and for the creativity of that specific field that is the documentary photography.

I decided at that time that I wanted to be a Nat Geo photographer.

I had no doubts, this decision fitted perfectly with my vision of life. I always wanted to work for happiness. Doing a job that I could love so to wake up every morning excited to go to work.

All my choices before that went in the same direction.

I did the Maritime School to become Captain for commercial ship and for sail boat. I did sail a lot, crossing all seas and oceans. And still today I can say that sailing is the way to regenerate my own battery. I need like the air I breathe. The wind on sails that pushes the boat, pushes me on the road of my life.

Photography, and specifically the documentary ones, completed my idea of life. My personality and soul.

I love to meet people. Learn by them. About their culture, food, tradition, work, lifestyle...soul.

I love to explore mountains and forests as the solitude of bays and cover. Watch-

ing animals in the wild.

I love to tell stories. Behind every photograph there is an anecdote not to forget, ever.

I love teaching photography, to transmit my passion and my way to work on field.

I love my job!

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