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Antarctica, an Epic journey, a Talk, February 2017

Dear Massimo and Myriam,
Thank you for creating that beautiful and informative talk and slide presentation on  Antarctica. I learned so much and your images underscored, not only the beauty, but the unique and precious nature of this world. Your presentation highlighted the need to preserve and protect it. It really is extraordinary that  Antarctica has oversight by so many countries with unrestricted access to each other in order to protect the region. Myriam, I loved your journal page entry about seeing the first glacier and would love to have a copy of it! And Massimo I admire your dedication and the efforts made to have all the documentation needed to have access to this world.
Both of your keen eyes and sensibilities made this a gift to all of us at the talk. I was  happy to see such a good turnout!
Thank you again for a deeply enriching and satisfying experience.

Judith Anastasia

Thank you, Massimo and Myriam, for a well-prepared presentation on Antarctica. I was expecting breath-taking photos but you delivered even more with geographical facts, historical expeditions, wildlife info and the state of global warming. Your breath-taking photos are a part of the bigger story you enthusiastically shared. So happy I came and went away with “more knowledge” of this desolate but magnificent place!

Catherine Balao

I never thought Antarctica could be so interesting. I was captured since the beginning of the presentation. Massimo and Myriam opened my eyes to a new world. Their photographs and videos are extremely astonishing. I'm looking forward to go to Antarctica in the future!

Daniela Campos

My sister Myriam and Massimo Bassano, gave an engaging, warm, funny, fascinating, beautiful, informative, and personal presentation today about their photographic journey to Antarctica. Waaaay better than a slideshow! Dirty penguins, the colour of ice, what Shackleton's dogs ate, a bouquet of humpback whale tales, cools graphs and lots of hilarious relationship repartee with Portuguese and Italian accents.

Claudia Casper

The day I flew away .

How can you explain one of the most isolated place on earth to an audience?

"When things are easy, I hate it" - Ernest Shackleton.

The common sense brings me the word: “Passion” to the top of my head, but Myriam and Massimo have something else. They are brave. Why?

Brave to tell us their experience of been there and explain this continent with amazing clarity. It’s not an easy task. You can describe the sky but could you explain the feeling of flying?

These guys created the perfect atmosphere to recreate this place with pictures, words, history but the most important thing, LOVE.

When you love your work you can teach people how to fly, that day I flew away through their amazing story and in my particular case it reminded me the real meaning of “living”.

The streets and its concrete wiped out our sense as humans beings and when two people show us life as raw as really is then you just come across with the idea that the world is a huge playroom to explore.

Two different styles but same pathway, Myriam and Massimo have the perfect combination of knowledge, humbleness, courage, happiness and love of their work.

I just wanted to let you know guys that your words on that Talk dug deeply into my heart and I’m so thankful for that.

Good wind and good sea my Antarctic fellas.

Xavier Colamarco

I had an amazing time at the talk about Antarctica. Being able to see through their amazing pictures and feel through their very entertaining presentation all that they went through, all the emotions and discoveries that they made during the journey to the winter wonderland was just magical. It really made me want to go there. The synergy between them was also really pleasant to see. I can't wait to see what and where is going to be their new adventure. Thank you Myriam and Massimo for sharing with us your amazing work!

Camila Francisco

Massimo and Myriam's talk on Antarctica was one filled with history, education, story, growth and intrepid travel. The realities of what it means to take on such journey were beautifully presented with captivating photography to support their tales of their adventure. I was left inspired and enriched with first hand knowledge that digs deeper into what our coldest continent is truly like - something we often do not have the privilege to be exposed too. A real pleasure to attend!

Oliver Hilbert

Thank you so much Massimo and Myriam, very informative, incredible images and footage and fun as always! Looking forward to seeing you again in the future, and Jordan and I are so grateful for the signed print - stunning!


I really enjoyed it and Myriam and you did an amazing job! You had SO much great information and shared it in such an entertaining way. The photographs and videos were not only educational but also beautifully taken. I loved the iceberg aerial shots from the drone (fascinating) and the underwater footage of the seal. It was also a treat to watch the curious penguins running over to welcome you. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute of it. It was a lot of fun and also had a few great laugh out loud moments. Really looking forward to your next presentation…….

Once again, thank you for sharing your incredible experience of Antarctica!

Lee McClernon

Thank you Massimo and Myriam for a fantastic presentation on Antarctica! The photos and videos were stunning, and the talk was captivating, providing a wealth of interesting information on the history of the continent's exploration, its current situation, and a great understanding of its environment, from its landscapes to its unique wildlife. I left feeling like I got a realistic glimpse into another world that I have not had the chance to see for myself, and with a strong desire to go there myself one day.

Matthew Napier

"Awe and inspiring". Massimo and Myriam are the dynamic duo with the eyes for capturing the moment. Not only I was able to see beautiful pictures, but also get to learn about interesting facts. Now Antarctica is On my bucket list!

Korn Singprason

I spent an incredible time listening and learning with Massimo Bassano and Myrian Casper about the incredible trip to Antarctica, it was much more than an incredible photo presentation, but a lesson about Antarctica. I'm waiting for the next adventure of these two incredible storytellers.

Marcelo Terni de Castro

"I loved the presentation on Antarctica. Having seen many documentaries on the subject, I thought it would have a similar feel but listening to their first hand experiences with the place and the animals was moving. Learning how they took the photographs and how they felt taking them, really put me in their shoes and I was able to imagine being there myself. The dynamic between Myriam and Massimo was playful and charming and made the whole thing even more unique, enjoyable and informative."

Ari Fremder Utria

It was a very insightful and informative talk. The facts and photography blended well together, all the while having the speaker's genuine emotions and experiences coming into the mix. It was a wonderful and unique experience that makes me dream of Antarctica.

Kiyoto Yamaguchi

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